What is M-coin Network

M-coin aims to disrupt the cloud storage industry by eliminating the current industry barriers. M-coin network is building the most reliable cloud data storage that ensures low costs and immutable security for the user’s data.

M-coin is setting up new standards for how they treat your data and its privacy. Our aim at M-coin network is to build a transparent ecosystem for decentralized cloud storage that provides unmatched security, data privacy and ownership of data that every individual deserves in this fast-growing digital era of the internet.

Using the power of blockchain, cryptography and encryption M-coin network is building the most reliable cloud data storage that ensures low costs for the users. Cloud file storage is done using the automated hosting agreement commitments between the user/renter and the host driven by immutable smart contracts.

In our quest to provide privacy, security and actual ownership to users, we are creating an Open-Source decentralized cloud storage called the M-coin Network.


Problems & Solutions

In the fast-growing world of internet technology, billions of users rely on various service providers to host their data. Apart from paying the high costs to these providers, they run a high risk of data breach and compromised privacy.


Current cloud storage industry has many serious issues such as high cost of storage, low data transmission speed, data breach and importantly centralized storage are prone to privacy leaks. With the widely adopted traditional way of cloud data storage your data is hosted on a central cloud owned and operated by someone that isn’t you. Your data belongs to them. Sometimes it isn’t even safe.

Even though they might claim it, still you’re being watched and controlled. They can monitor, censor and disclose data to third parties even if they claim that they won’t.

Who doesn’t know of the biggest data leak in the year 2018 by “Cambridge Analytica”, where millions of public data was compromised by the big tech player Facebook. Cloud storage data centers are not always located near to the user thus delaying the data travel on the network before it reaches the end owner.



The M-coin network is building a global cloud storage network where there will be millions of nodes hosting your data and the amount of available storage will be higher. This will lead to more sustainable infra and lower the costs.

Given the fact data is stored by the multiple nodes participating in the process to earn reward in M-coin the fair market price will be achieved ensuring the high-quality nodes survive the competition.

For claiming and maintaining the transparency data is encrypted then sharded before it’s sent to the host nodes for the storage. Data is split into pieces and encrypted files that can’t be viewed by anyone (not even M-coin) which are then sent to various hosts that compete for the data storage and ensure to abide by the smart contract agreements.



M-coin whitepaper provides a clear understanding & the detailed approach for M-coin Network products, Roadmap and the importance of M-coin ecosystem.

Pre-Sale & Values

M-coin Sale

The M-coin will serve as the native token of the M-Tech ecosystem. It will be used as the primary means of payment, a store of value, a unit of measurement, and an investment vehicle.

Presale is live now, and it will end in

Join now and get a higher value. Get your M-coin for the best price. M-coin sale will be conducted in stages as below:

  • Private sale starts 15 Oct - 15 Nov, 2021
  • Presale starts 16 Nov - 15 Dec, 2021
  • IEO in two stages
  • Acceptable currencies BNB, ETH, BTC, USDT, BUSD
  • Total Supply of M-coin 1.5 B
  • Number of M-coin for sales i.e 20% of total supply
M-coin App

Mobile App

M-coin mobile wallet will be a non-custodial wallet where you as a user will hold and own your private keys. M-coin will not control or store any of your private key and will encourage users for the transaction over a secure network.

M-coin Android & iOS wallets are coming soon!

With our core focus around the user data and its privacy, M-coin wallet ensures every user with uncompromised privacy and unbreakable security. We don't control or store the access to your wallet following the non-custodial or decentralized development approach. Users are the actual owners of their wallet private keys which are generated and stored on a peer-to-peer network on a runtime basis. No one can get into your wallet using unethical hacking techniques unless they have the actual access to your devices.

mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app


The M-coin Network roadmap is stated below.

Q4 2021
Private Sale
Stage 1: 15/10/2021 to 15/11/2021

Stage 1: 16/11/2021 to 15/01/2022

Referral program competition
IEO in two stage: Listed in first exchange at the end of IEO
Q1 2022
M-coin listed in two CEX

Launching of M-coin Staking pool

Listed in CMC & Coingecko
Q2 2022
Launching of M-coin NFT & NFT Marketplace

Launching of NFT Farming
Q3 2022
Decentralized Data Storage provider subscription

Launching of M-Cloud (Cloud Storage Packages)

M-coin listed in three more top exchanges
Q4 2022
Launching of own blockchain browser with high security and privacy

Kick starting of our own blockchain M-Cloud

Web3.0 environment construction

M-coin Metaverse

M-coin land public sale
Q1 2023
M-coin gamefi

GameFi open blind box

Launch of M-coin App

Q2 2023
Mark 2 launched
Handheld device with Blockchain OS and 3.5” screes and built in sim for worldwide coverage.

Launching of M-Coin App cloud – calling app, conferencing, SMS messaging, etc via our secured ecosystem
Q3 2023
Mark 3 launched
Devices for all in one blockchain computer (personal and corporations).

Listing in 3 more top global exchanges, one of which is Binance.
Q4 2023
Mark 4 launched
Handheld device with Blockchain technology and built in sim (worldwide coverage) with bigger storage capacity. Completely secure and able to be used as a cold wallet and also able to store mnemonics phrase safely
About coin


M-coin is a crypto coin launched by M-coin Network and will act as the base utility coin within our decentralized cloud storage ecosystem.

Coin Image


M-coin will be integrated in its decentralized cloud network that provides an opportunity for Hosts to earn while renting their space while the user or renter pays for the services in an open and sustainable product/service ecosystem for the global community of the users & hosts.

M-coin will be listed in reputed global crypto exchanges with the time. This will drive the demand that will boost M-coin price for sure.

NFT Farming & Staking

M-coin NFT Farming & Staking Explained

With various opportunities to earn profits through the M-coin ecosystem we are coming up with M-coin NFT for farming and staking for investors.

M-coin NFTs encourage investment for a secured future and even provide the buyer with decentralized cloud storage space over M-coin Network that can be lent out to the users of M-coin.

This is for the first time in the history of NFTs and cloud storage industry that after buying these NFTs buyers will also be able to participate in the farming (providing storage space for the decentralized cloud network) of the M-coin ecosystem.

Farming is a process where users earn rewards in M-coin either by renting out extra storage space of their computers to the M-coin network or buying the M-coin NFT to get storage space from M-coin decentralized nodes.

This storage space will be used by M-coin Network to store users data in a decentralized way.

The size of decentralized cloud storage space available for lending out depends upon the value of your M-coin Token NFT. Fixed or variable interest can be charged in exchange for the decentralized cloud storage space.

Staking for M-coin is another opportunity where the investors will earn high APY for staking their M-coin for a certain period.

Token Stats

Token Distribution

A detailed distribution of the M-coin network for various purposes is shown below.


To participate in the M-coin ecosystem we created a transparent tokenomics for our stakeholders to calculate, understand and evaluate the supply mechanism of M-coin network coin distribution percentage.

M-coin will also offer staking rewards for M-coin holders with interesting APY soon.

Symbol: M-coin

Type: BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain)

Initial Value: $0.15

Creative Team


M-coin network team consists of industry professionals passionate about blockchain and decentralization with a proven track record in blockchain industry. People behind one of top 500 cryptocurrency and successful blockchain products like ABBC are building the M-coin Network.

Edward Tan Thiam Ghee
Avinash Chauhan
Bonaventure B. Pereira
Kieran Chng
Renne Liew Pooi Hoong
Anuar Yahya


M-coin board of advisors holds vast industry experience and a proven track record of wearing several hats within the crypto market, blockchain-driven projects, marketing & Defi space. Adding unsurpassed values with their knowledge and trends of the agile market that provide their valuable assistance on M-coin project development.



Originally the term "FAQ" referred to the Frequently Asked Question itself, and the
compilation of questions and answers was known as a "FAQ list" or some similar expression.

M-coin network is a transparent ecosystem for decentralized cloud storage that provides unmatched security, data privacy, and ownership of data for every individual. Using the power of blockchain, cryptography, and encryption M-coin network is building the most reliable decentralized cloud data storage that ensures low costs for the users.
Decentralized cloud storage is when data is stored to a set of computers and not on a network that is controlled by one central authority. Multiple computers store the data, acting as participants or nodes on the network.
It is completely safe as every file is encrypted, split into pieces, and stored in non readable formats on diverse Nodes, ensuring no data breaches. This decentralized approach also protects your data from malicious attacks or data hacking. Because in this technical architecture only the user that uploads the data has the ability to decrypt the data with their keys.
M-coin is committed to building internet 3.0 by creating the world’s fast, reliable, and decentralized M-coin Cloud Network. It is an initiative to overcome the data privacy issues of users.
Also, the M-coin network is building the most reliable cloud data storage that ensures low costs and high availability to the users because of its decentralized storage technology
Without a BEP20 (BNB) address, you can not participate in the token sale. To maximize and manage the token distribution, a BNB address is required. It will help in making the token distribution fairer.
You can only use one BNB address to purchase the M-coin. If you want to change the BNB address, you need to go to the user profile and update the address that you wish to use for buying and receiving M-coin.
BEP20 compatible wallet/ metamask is required to carry out transactions via direct purchase and store M-coin during presale.
For P2P purchase you can also use Trust wallet to receive M-coin. More details about P2P Purchase are shared on the user dashboard after Login.
20% of the total supply, i.e. 300 million tokens
Acceptable currencies are BNB (Direct Purchase), ETH, BTC, USDT (P2P Purchase).
Stage 1 of private sale will be from 15th October 2021 to 15th November 2021.
Stage 1 of Pre-sale will be from 16th November 2021 to 15th December 2021.
In the January 2022 after IEO on Coinsbit exchange M-coin will be listed on the same exchange for the first time.
M-coin is soon going to reveal the staking rewards for M-coin holders with interesting APY in the coming future.


Have questions? We’re happy to help.


Exchange listing
to be announced